Air Force Doctrine Podcast: Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 17 – Col Warden (of 5 Rings’ fame) challenges our paradigms: China as a peer, US’ survival, strategy, time, and geography in conflict

In this episode, our conversation with Col Warden centers around the strategies of the United States and China, and how we should paradigmatically change the way we think about the U.S. homeland as a sanctuary, what it means to be a “peer competitor,” the concept of “time” during a conflict and decisive geography.

Col (retired) John A. Warden III is a combat pilot with a distinguished military career. He wrote the definitive book on air strategy, The Air Campaign: Planning For Combat, which is still in use worldwide and has been translated into seven languages. He is credited as the architect of the Desert Storm Air Campaign, based on his revolutionary concept of “the enemy as a system” in which military forces are considered parts of a much larger whole, represented by “Warden’s five rings.”

As a reminder to all listeners, all topics discussed are UNCLASSIFIED, and the views expressed by guests or hosts are not necessarily the position of the United States Air Force, the Department of Defense, or any government agency.


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